Kama Sood

Filmmaker and Videographer


Kama Sood is a filmmaker and videographer from Vancouver BC. Having a father in the film industry, Kama was introduced to the world of film at a young age, and decided early on that this was the career path for him. He started making film skits as a kid, which then led to narrative films, and then getting a full time summer job as a videographer at the young age of 16. Since then, Kama has grown rapidly as a filmmaker and videographer, and hasn’t stopped since. He has a large and diverse portfolio of narrative films, brand videos, product features, events, highlight reels, music videos and more. His drive and passion for what he does makes him an effective video creator, having worked for various organizations and independent clients. He is currently studying Motion Picture Arts at Capilano University, and has received awards for his directing and cinematography.